The Free Byrds “Born To Rock”

One of the best bands of any age outside the perimeter to hear and see perform live are a group of teens from Roswell, GA. They are known as The Free Byrds.

The Free Byrds Roswell Scoop OTPThe Free Byrds first took flight in January, 2013. On their debut performance that night at The Masquerade, they won the battle of the bands. Since then, the boys have played over 100 gigs around the area. Some of those stops included playing The Peachtree Corners Festival, Friday Night Fest in Duluth, Roswell’s Alive At The Square, The main stage at the Cumming Fair, Woodstock’s Rock n Wing Fest, The Hard Rock Café, and The Tennessee Aquarium. They have been virtually everywhere over the last 3 years. How is this possible for 15 year olds (now 18)? The answer is simple: they are great at what they do.

These high school seniors (all but the drummer attend Centennial High School in Roswell) knock a home run out of the park every time they play. Their energy and persona shine through a dim room or a bright hot sunny day. They are contagious. You’ve heard the phrase, “Born to Rock”?  This phrase personifies The Free Byrds. They perform songs in their own style by many legends of rock n roll.

Free Byrds Band Scoop OTP

Singer Nick Howrey listens to and studies all genres of music. Called an “old soul” since he was 5, Nick has developed a deep understanding of the history of blues and rock n roll. He’s a young, energetic Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Muddy Waters, Steven Tyler and Elvis all rolled up into one soulful, bluesy, rock and roll spirit.

Guitarist Gavin Krick has chops that are far beyond his years. He lives to play. Audiences have been known to scream his name when he lays down a tasteful solo on his Les Paul guitar. Gavin has been influenced by Hendrix, Richards, and Page, and it comes out in his incredibly soulful, powerful playing.

And, Ryan Taylor (drums) and Robbie Edmondson (bass) stay in a pocket so tight you couldn’t even put a pin through it enabling Nick and Gavin to shine with musical melodies that will have you dancing, singing, smiling and clapping along for the entire show. And, as those that have experienced a live set know, they have a following that makes every show a great, fun event to be a part of. Don’t miss out!

The Free Byrds will be playing at many OTP venues — follow them on Facebook to catch a show.

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