Doughnut Dollies Coming to Marietta

Opening November 30th!

The owners of Canvas Cafe and Bakery, Chris and Anna Gatti, are opening a doughnut shop below their restaurant this summer Canvas and Doughnut dolliescalled Doughnut Dollies. The design is going to be totally different from Canvas, but there will be connectivity from the inside from Canvas down to Doughnut Dollies and vice versa. As well, Doughnut Dollies will have its own separate entrance. You can follow them on Facebook too.  Chris said:

We are a local, chef-owned, craft doughnut shop that makes our doughnuts the “old fashioned” way: every morning, and from scratch.

Doughnut DolliesThey will be giving away doughnuts while they finalize their menu. Someone’s got to taste them! Sign up on their newsletter to get more details.  Follow them on Instagram and let the mouth- watering begin!

Here’s some scoop: According to a book called Doughnut Dollies: American Red Cross Girls during WW11 – American service men in England during World War II called American Red Cross girls ”Doughnut Dollies.” It was a warm and affectionate term designed to show the soldiers’ appreciation for the morale-building efforts of the American Red Cross. The Red Cross girls operated ”clubmobiles” which were driven to air bases where the girls served fresh doughnuts, hot coffee, and broadcast Big Band music over loud-speakers to welcome airmen as they returned from missions overseas.

724 Cherokee Street NorthEast Marietta

While in Marietta, visit The Local Exchange, a unique store on the Square.

Also, a new donut shop is opening in Canton, GA.