North Atlanta Ice Cream Shops: We All Scream For Ice Cream

sweetreatsNot that I ever really need an excuse to get ice cream, but for some reason I feel like all bets are off during summer and it’s an ice cream free for all. That being said, I am a bit of an ice cream snob. I mean, if I am going to chow down a few hundred unnecessary calories, they need to be quality calories. So, the Scoop team got some volunteers and had an outing to sample some local, non-chain ice cream shops. It’s a tough job, but, well you know the rest. sweetreatsThere are dozens of ice cream shops OTP, but we only had so much we could try on our outing. We hit Marietta, where there are several spots to get ice cream and other frozen confections right on the square. SweeTreats Ice Cream and Coffee House offers yogurt and ice cream and uses the mix-in technique popularized by the Coldstone Creamery chain. Lots of choices here, and I love the option to customize each flavor. All of our Scoopers were pleased with SweeTreats. Also in Marietta is Sarah Jean’s Ice Cream. Sarah Jean’s is a traditional, old fashioned ice cream shop that boasts a large variety of flavors, with some yogurt varieties too. They had delicious standard flavors and some yummy seasonal choices. We were all very pleased with our treats at Sarah Jean’s. Ice Cream Frosty FrogIn Canton, we visited Frosty Frog Creamery. Also a great place for lunch, the Frosty Frog has 32 flavors of homemade ice cream offered daily. If the ice cream isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, they have plenty of baked goodies too. Also in Canton is Sweet Escapes. We have not been to visit them yet (we cannot possibly go out for ice cream EVERY day!), but Sweet Escapes has been highly recommended by trusted Scoopers, so we are anxious to check them out! Sugar cone Have some Ice Cream “scoop” to share with us? Or did we miss one of your favorite, non-chain ice cream shops? Let us know! We are happy to add them to the list, and even happier to go and try them out for ourselves! Share the Scoop!