Update to Farrell’s Joining Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop at the Battery Atlanta

Update 3-29:  We had been informed by a Scoop fan that Farrell’s would not be opening as planned with Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop at the Battery Atlanta, but Overton’s and Rock Creek will be.   Tomorrow’s News Today has confirmed with other sources reporting the same news.  Owner Allison Behringer would not confirm or deny the information; she just emailed that a detailed press release will be coming out soon with an update. The original announcement of Farrell’s was very popular with Atlanta area locals who had frequented the ice cream parlor during their childhood.


Update: They may not be open by Braves’ Opening day but they are aiming for a spring opening said  Allison Behringer, Founder of Sweet Pete’s Candy.

A popular ice cream chain and restaurant will be returning to the Atlanta area this winter. Farrell’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour will be opening at the Battery Atlanta this February in a space located above Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop.

Farrell’s is a national chain that was started in the early 1970’s, but had all but disappeared by 1990. Flash forward to 2008 with new owners and a new business franchise model, and Farrell’s is slowly starting to reopen around the country.

The Battery Atlanta is home to several other Atlanta “firsts”, including Wahlburgers, Punchbowl Social, Live at the Battery and Chubbies. We have seen some excitement building on social media sites for the return of Farrells, so we will jump on the bandwagon and give it a try. Check out this menu!

Sweet Pete’s Candy was on Marcus Lemonis show, The Profit, in 2013.  Sweet Pete’s operation has grown with new locations planned for Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a robust online shopping presence. The business has also acquired Key West Key Lime Pie Company and is partnering with Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour — two of Marcus’ small business investments from The Profit.

Farrell’s will be located on the top floor of Sweet Pete’s operating a restaurant and a walk-up ice cream on the first floor according to founder and co-owner, Allison Behringer, of Sweet Pete’s Candy.

Sweet Pete’s Candy is an emporium of decadent chocolates, sweet candies, ice creams, cupcakes and more. They specialize in all natural, gluten-free and vegan sweets. You can take classes and learn how to make your own sweets!

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