Casting Call for Ryan Gosling’s “First Man” Movie in Roswell

The Neil Armstrong story based on the authorized biography “First Man: A Life Of Neil A. Armstrong” by James Hansen is filming around Atlanta. There are some casting calls for extras for a scene in Roswell filming on various dates in November, but the fittings are this week, according to Rose Locke Casting.  The Academy Award-winning director, Damien Chazellek is working with actor Ryan Gosling, who is portraying Neil Armstrong in the movie.

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  • Men will need to get period haircut and be cleanly shaven
  • Women cannot have highlights or fake nails
  • Women cannot have any obvious face/body augmentations
  • Kids (mostly boys) may also need to get their hair cut

Seeking Men and Women to portray reporters, cameramen, sound and photographers                                                                     Dates: 11/14, 11/16, 11/21, 11/22
Do not have to be available all days
Fitting Date: 10/31-11/3
Rate: 64/8
Fitting Rate: 16/2
Location: Roswell, East Point (Fitting)                                                                                                                                                         Subject: REPORT ME

Neighborhood Kids
Seeking African American and Caucasian Kids / Ages 6-14
Please list in the email if they can ride bikes and/or swim
Rate: 120/8
Fitting Rate: 16/2
Date: 11/14
Fitting Date: 10/31-11/3
Location: Roswell, East Point (Fitting)
Subject: FM KIDS

Seeking Caucasian Male
Age 35-40
Need to be able to fit into the sizes below
Shirts: 16 or 16.5
Jacket: 42 or 44
Pants: 32 or 36
Rate: 64/8
Fitting Rate: 16/2
Date: 11/6
Fitting Date: Monday Oct 30th
Location: Roswell / East Point (fitting)
Subject: BAKERY



Please include 3 pictures (head, body, and profile) age, height, weight and all contact information.

Please use correct role in the subject line. Always great to send a picture of your car and list your cars yr, color, make and model in all submissions.

Please make sure all your pictures are updated. This is a period piece so will require haircut for men that hair is not correct.
Please understand we are trying to be historically correct in each and every scene.

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