Sweet Pete & Farrell’s Replaced with Overton’s & Erehwon Mountain Outfitter at The Battery Atlanta

Update July 11 – It appears now that it’s Overtons, an outdoor and sporting goods company and Rock Creek, a hiking company, coming to the Battery Atlanta per Battery Atlanta’s website.


Many readers were excited about the return of Farrell’s Ice Cream and Sweet Pete’s Candy coming to the Battery Atlanta as we reported last October. Unfortunately, their signage was removed this month and replaced with signage for Erehwon Mountain Outfitter and Overton’s.

Sweet Pete’s was made famous by Marcus Lemonis of NBC’s show “The Profit.” Sweet Pete still shows a location planned at The Battery on their website and Tomorrow’s News Today reports that they may be negotiating for a smaller location at The Battery, but Farrell’s is not part of that plan. Farrell’s only location is in California the moment. We have reached out for comment to the owner of Sweet Pete, Allison Behinger, and on March 23rd she said:

We are still opening a large candy shop. There have been some changes. I should be able to release details next week.

Yet, we haven’t heard anything else and we have reached out since the signage has been removed.

Erehwon (recently bought out by Camping World) and Overton’s, the world’s largest watersports and marine accessories dealer, are also part of Marcus Lemonis acquired companies. Erehwon is currently a top source of outdoor clothing and Overton’s is known for their catalog, so a physical retail space may be exciting for some.

For more details about the swap of businesses at The Battery, we refer you to Tomorrow’s News Today’s article.

Photo Credit Tomorrow’s News Today.

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