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Entourage Scoop OTPI got the scoop about a year ago and have been hooked ever since! But I didn’t want to tell anyone — why have others looking as good as me?! But I can’t keep the secret any longer. The Scoop is out: Entourage Clothing and Gifts.

The girls at KSU may already know about this super chic boutique, but many OTPers and others don’t since Entourage only has six stores — all of which are located in college town.

The store features a wide variety of looks to fit the cute sorority girls and the boho hippie girls. Mainly aimed towards teens and college girls, Entourage always features the latest trends and fashion-forward clothing and accessories. When I first walked in the store I knew I loved it, but I didn’t realize just how much I loved it until I got up to the counter to check out. It was so cheap! Everything in the store is $42 or under so for the shopaholics on a budget like myself, it’s the store of your dreams!

Entourage Scoop OTPEntourage Scoop OTP

Another fabulous thing about this fun store is how big it is! I hate when you go into a store and it’s so jam-packed with merchandise that you can hardly move. At Entourage, everything is spread out, easy to see, and there are dressing rooms galore. You will never have to wait to try on anything.

And wait, it just gets better! About three to four times each year, Entourage has a huge sale they call the tent sale. During this sale, the store tries to clear everything out, which means we get up to 95% off MSRP! With this sale I have walked out with bags on bags on bags and not felt guilty at all because of the crazy-good deals I got!

Alright so now that the Scoop is out, go use it to your advantage. But hey if not, then at least I will still look fabulous!

Follow their Facebook page for great savings and deals. If you like this, another great collegiate store for sorority girls or alumni is Dress U.

3940 Cherokee St NW Kennesaw, GA 30144 (770) 499-9995
2095 S Milledge Ave Athens, GA 30605 (706) 546-7090
806 Maple St Carrollton, GA 30117-3626 (770) 830-0070

Megan is an upcoming senior. She started to think about what to do for her senior project, and decided to do something a little out of her comfort zone and see where it would lead. So here she is writing, but writing about things 100% in her comfort zone. As a retail employee, she is obsessed with all the new trends in fashion, and as a typical high schooler, she is always looking for something to do. So she decided to write about my findings and share the Scoop on being a senior.