We first wrote about the Dang Chicks back in 2013 and recently touched base with owner Stephanie O’Connor to find out how the company has evolved.

If you aren’t familiar with the comfy t-shirt, hat and jewelry line, the whole Dang Chicks Nation is based on the belief that women should feel confident about who they are, and to remind them that they don’t have to live by the labels assigned to them.

Of course, their shirts all have labels saying, “Dang [something]” and each one is perfect for someone you know!

Since then, tens of thousands of women across the globe have found their inner Dang Chick. We are excited to partner with Dang Chicks for your choice of a t-shirt and hat contest giveaway. So ENTER HERE and tag a friend on Facebook so they can win too, and you can be Dang Chicks together!

In their heyday, they had distribution in more than 3,000 retail stores. They ended up relocating from North OTP to South OTP and changed their business plan. Nowadays, they sell their merchandise online andat outdoor and country events such as the Gulf Coast Jam.

They also started an entirely new wine division called the Dang Chicks Wine Club. You have access to new and unique premier wines that you and your friends will love discovering together.

I love to hear how companies got started and this was the cute exchange between husband and wife that began the entire Dang Chicks nation.

In 2009, Stephanie O’Connor walked into the room that her husband was in and declared that she wanted to start a women’s apparel company. As Tim recalls, the conversation went something like this:

Tim: OK. What do you want to call the company?
Steph: I don’t know.
Tim: How about “Dang Chicks”?
Steph: That’s stupid.
Tim: (walks out, rejected)

The next morning the conversation resumed.

Steph: Why “Dang Chicks?”
Tim: What do you want your customers to hear when they walk into a room wearing your products?
Steph: “Dang, Chick!”
Tim: Exactly.
Steph: I’m a genius.

Since then, tens of thousands of women across the globe have found their inner Dang Chick.