Dance Moms v. Football Moms: Let The Battle Begin!

Is there a stigma to being a sports mom? The term “Soccer Mom” started in the 90’s when the Soccer Mom was considered a voting block. And I’m sure we can all recall Sarah Palin referring to the Hockey Mom as “tough.” There is even a TV show dedicated to Dance Moms that shows the darker side of the sport (it’s all staged, by the way).

We often hear about these Moms – Soccer Moms, Room Moms, Helicopter Moms and Pageant Moms. If you have children, chances are you probably fall into one of these Mom categories. What kind of Mom are you?


When we’re not out Scooping, we both dedicate much of our time and energy to being a Mom. Luckily for us, our kids’ awesome teachers handle the academics, which leaves us to juggle the extracurricular activities. So this brought up the debate as to which type of Mom has the tougher job: a Dance Mom or a Football Mom.

Dance Moms have to coordinate multiple costumes, accessories, shoes and hairpieces for each individual routine. They have to pin, hot glue and know how to fix those costumes at a moment’s notice. Football Moms only have to deal with home and away uniforms, but they get all the extra credit for having to handle, wash and deodorize those uniforms.

While Dance Moms have the difficult task of becoming hair and makeup experts, they then get to sit back and watch the show in a climate-controlled theater, while Football Moms have to brave the heat and cold to watch the game. But while the Dance Mom relaxes indoors, she has to study the program by lit cell phone to determine just how the judges will be scoring, as it varies at every competition. In football, a touchdown is worth six points no matter which way you slice it. The scoreboard and cheerleaders don’t lie.

Dance Moms know too well the frustration of vacuuming up a bobby pin. In fact, Dance Moms know the difference between a bobby pin and a hairpin – and no bun is complete without the strongest hairspray on the market! The good news is if you ever need a bobby pin, you can find one in your car, seat cushions, carpeting, or even the driveway.

Speaking of cars, Football Moms are adept at driving a car full of stinking boys home while sticking her head out the window. Football Moms are also skilled at effectively deodorizing the car for the next trip. That’s a science in and of itself.


We can both vent about driving to and from practices, but Football Moms have early AM and summer training, which monopolizes the entire summer break as well as any hope for sleeping in. They have also given up all of their Friday nights for the unforeseeable future. But there is a specific start and end time to football games, whereas dance competitions can last up to 18 hours without any real schedule to adhere to.

Of course, both Moms worry about injuries, but Football Moms have the added concern for a concussion because of all the contact. Dance Moms often have to explain a lot of bruised legs on their daughters, and of course, their hideous looking feet.

dancevfootballIn the end we decided that all Moms, no matter which kind we are, have our own challenges, and that none of us have it any harder or easier than the rest. We don’t get to pick our child’s favorite activities, at least not as they get older. So we just get to figure it out and adjust. If we’re lucky, other Moms along the way might help to show us how to keep score, how to do that bun, or how to wash stinky football pads. In the meantime, grab yourself an energy drink and keep on doing the awesome job that you do! Our kids are the real winners!

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