Theo’s Brothers Bakery: Fresh & Tasty

We finally made it to Theo’s Brother’s Bakery, which is owned by the Segwick Restaurant Group — a company that has many great dining options OTP.

This fast-casual restaurant has a diverse selection of salads and sandwiches, and don’t even get me started on their baked goods variety! We went to the West Cobb location in the Avenues next to Aspens Signature Steaks.

10557347_760295927350230_429636171102326585_nI know many of you who have lived OTP for a long time have probably been to either their Alpharetta location near the Silos or the West Cobb/Marietta location. I am embarrassed that it has taken us two years to Scoop this restaurant, but we are glad we finally did, and we can’t wait to return.

The concept of fresh fast food at a casual restaurant is perfect for people on the go. You can grab something light or something more filling. I was really surprised by the selection and opted for their fresh tuna salad with their Aspen Chopped salad. The portion size was large and satisfying.

My whole group enjoyed the cream of chicken soup, where (again) the portion was larger than expected. The French Dip was delicious and easy to share, and we all had to nibble at a few of the delicious baked goods, too. (I think it’s in the Scoop oath to try the sweets at every restaurant!) Even the day-old bread looked enticing!

If they had wifi, I might have stayed all day sampling their Asiago bread and eating more desserts! For a complete menu, click here.

Scoop Note: They have menu options that follow Maximized Living standards with both a core and an advanced plan. I wasn’t aware of this concept until I saw it on Theo’s menu, but you can read more here about maximizing quality nutrition.

Located at 3265 Dallas Highway SW, Marietta at the Avenues West Cobb

OR 12280 Houze Road #6, Alpharetta (a more limited menu here, but this is where they bake the bread!)

For 99% of the restaurants or places we have ‘Scoop Approved,’ we secretly scoop them and are given no extra special treatment. We also pay for our meal! Just a friendly reminder that this is really our honest opinion of all places on our website.