Chase’s Grille and Wingery

I like to eat. I like to watch sports. I like to argue about eating and sports. Inevitably when one asks for an opinion on “best,” it’s only a matter of time before someone assigns themselves a facade of credibility by proclaiming, “it’s not even close,” or something along those lines.

Chase's Grille and Wingery

As we’ve previously documented, chefs all over town are coming up with creative and high-quality revisions on chicken wings, but when it comes to the most traditional such as Buffalo or lemon pepper wings, it may not even be close. With wings as its staple, Chase’s Grille and Wingery, a bit off the main drag in downtown Norcross, is peerless. Best of all, the rest of the menu is exemplary as well.

Chase D’Anella was a manager at Clay’s Sports Cafe in Sandy Springs before opening his namesake restaurant in the Cotton Gin of Historic Norcross. Chase’s “farm fresh, hand cut” wings are superior to all other contenders in both quality and quantity. Buffalo style, lemon pepper, honey mustard, Teriyaki, barbecue, and honey barbecue, all with hot options (up to extra hot on Buffalo) along with “Chase’s Special Maui-Waui” round out the catalog.

Chase's Grille and Wingery

Fellow foodsnob Moonie has called them, “The best wings I’ve ever had,” a reverence he generally reserves for New York, Los Angeles, or Italy restaurants. In the highly unlikely event you know a non-vegetarian who does not appreciate great wings (I doubt such a freak exists), not to worry. Chase is no one-trick pony. The menu may not be munificent, but thus far, it’s flawless.

Somewhat surprisingly, the blue cheese dressing is not manufactured in-house, but it is far from an afterthought. He told Moonie that he’s tried them all, and uses only the best dressing. He won’t be more specific, but I will say, these taste buds thought the blue cheese was homemade. Rest assured, it’s not any of that peel off container crap so many places plop in front of you. Chase does not miss a beat.

Chase's Grill and Wingery

The scouting reports on the po’boy and cheesesteak are essentially the same. In both cases, the meats are very close to the real deal. Authenticity police may point out the French roll for the cheesesteak is not a hoagie roll. As a Delaware Valley native, I say just shut up and enjoy. It’s closer to a hoagie roll than New Jersey staple Donkey’s kaiser and it is one of the few superior cheesesteaks in the metro area.

A short, but impressive list of appetizers is highlighted by homemade pimento cheese and pretzel bites. They need to serve it with a few more pretzels as the pimento cheese serving is disproportionately more, but they’ve always brought out more pretzels upon request. Plus, oldest son and I quickly discovered the spread doubles as a heck of a dip for the exceptional fries.

I will accept counter arguments who adore the simple, yet spectacular Buffalo muffins. Yes, fresh muffins stuffed with shredded chicken, topped with Chase’s wing sauce. Like the wings, they are served with choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing. Moonie adores this dish.

The are several salads for the more health conscious. At some point, I will try the pizzas, an interesting option for a restaurant specializing in wings. But heck, considering nothing has steered me wrong on the menu yet, I have high hopes.

Chase's Grille and Wingery

The indoor dining area is somewhat limited, but a large deck doubles capacity when the weather cooperates. The draft list focuses on craft beers and like the food menu, is short yet impressive. Squeezed in between the police and fire stations, Chase’s isn’t the easiest place to find the first time around. Once they do, any foodhound searching for the best wings and bar food–their chase ends right here.

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