Ate Track is a Tasty Throwback

1531648_1378565639065078_1881430747_nSomething peaked our interest on our most recent visit to Cartersville: music coming from the patio of Ate Track Bar & Grill — was that 70’s Rock n Roll?! As soon as we walked into this small restaurant, we were blown away by the 60’s and 70’s decor from album art hanging on the walls, old posters plastered all over the ceiling, and candles covered in dripped wax.

The restaurant was created by the owners of the Appalachian Grill, which is just under the bridge and right around the corner from Ate Track Bar & Grill.

atetracksAte Track is a great play on words for this fun rock-n-roll restaurant. And even though the decor and vibe is a totally different scene from their first restaurant, the quality and taste of the food is equal to Scoop Approved Appalachian Grill.

The fish tacos are a favorite among local Cartersville residents. I enjoyed their fig and beet salad with chicken and Michelle had their signature salad. Our only complaint was that the plate size was smaller than the salad, but the plate was the only thing left when our waitress cleared our table!

There is also huge bar (aka The Boom Bar) that serves beers on tap and “rocks” on the weekend.


So grab a pimento cheeseburger, nachos or their nicer fare like a Filet Mignon dinner. And be prepared for the loud music — or if that’s not your scene, maybe the Appalachian Grill will be.

Located in historic Cartersville at 25 N Wall Street.