Zuzzu in Roswell

Zuzzu Roswell GaPerhaps one should not always commence at the beginning. At Roswell’s newest dining hotspot Zuzzu, let’s just jump straight into the confections. The Italian cheesecake is going to be one of the finest desserts you have ever partaken.

Perhaps — just maybe — globetrotting socialites autonomous from dining budget restrictions will not assert this finale will be among the happiest endings to any meal had in 2016. But the remaining 99.342 percent of us will struggle to find many dessert courses more awe-inspiring.

The Italian version is substantially lighter than the New York adaptation because it calls for ricotta cheese rather than cream cheese. Great ready for the slap-yo-mama greatness in what just may be metro Atlanta’s premier dessert.

ZuzzuIn fact, the last time my wife was this excited about anything was the finale of American Idol, Season 1. Kelly Clarkson has nothing on this dish.

Zuzzu is situated on budding Oak Street in downtown Roswell, almost directly across the street from crowd-pleasing Roswell anchor Oak Street Café. The authentic Sicilian pasta and pizza palace is located inside a refurbished garage, a concept that gained popularity in the latter part of last century.

If you have ever paid attention to your favorite uOTPian restaurant analyst, you are aware my favorite style of most vittles such as barbecue and pizza is “variety.” Personable owner Salvatore Durso’s establishment has the Sicilian pie down pat.

Oh much like the cheesecake, the Sicilian pizza is markedly different than what most Americans view as Sicilian style. In the United States, it generally connotes New York style with a much thicker crust modification followed by toppings, sauce, and cheese adjusted almost accordingly, but often less proportionately than the dough.

ZuzzuThis version is round and prepared in a wood-burning oven much like Neapolitan. The crust is thicker than Neapolitan, but thinner than the thick, rectangular variation most common on this side of the pond.

Salvatore explains that the famed 00 flour is specifically for Neapolitan, but Zuzzu used a “special flour imported from Italy for Sicilian pizza.”

Suitably, most ingredients are imported from Italy, including the pasta. The spaghetti was supreme in my scoglio, a simple but delightful pasta dish of mussels, fresh tomatoes and a mild tomato sauce.

Consistent with my disjointed procession of appraising dishes, why not focus on the beginning of the meal? The best appetizer I’ve sampled so far has been the octopus carpaccio.

I’ve polished off many a carpaccio as well as regaling in sundry octopus dishes. But admittedly, nary an octopus carpaccio hath appeared upon my plate. It was worth the wait to find out where it has been my entire life.

Again emblematic of the ascension of Roswell from dining wilderness to ground zero of culinary delights is that Zuzzu joins Osteria Mattone and Foundation Social Eatery sporting meritorious octopi appetizers. A decade ago, one would struggle to name three blue ribbon restaurants serving anything in the city.

The menu, like the restaurant capacity, is somewhat limited. But the potential for this newcomer is limitless. Follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

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