What’s WhirlyBall?

Calling all ages! Tweens, twenty-somethings, and adults — if you need a creative company-building event or a new way to spend a birthday party, WhirlyBall is your answer.

The game is dubbed as “The worlds only totally mechanized team sport,” is best described as a combination of basketball, hockey, and jai-alai played while riding an electrically powered machine. Similar (but more superior to) a bumper car, called a Whirly Bug. WhirlyBall is a team sport and a fun group activity.

The playing court is approximately 4,000 sq. ft. and there are 10 Whirly Bugs on the playing court at one time: five red and five yellow. In one hand the player has a jai-alai style plastic scoop and in the other hand a steering crank. Now, growing up in South Florida, I know what jai-alai is…this is a funny version of it with a go cart.  It is always funny to hear the kids (and adults) blame the Whirly Bug for their throwing error!

Teammates pass around a softball-sized wiffle ball. At each end of the court are vertically hung backboards, each with a 15-inch hole in the center. Behind the hole is a plexiglass swing gate equipped with a buzzer to notify the referee when a score is made. So whatever sport you play in real life, this is a mix of them all and any skill you thought you had may creep out a little, but a lot for first time players is based on luck. I can see the potential for real teams and real tournaments.

This WhirlyBall location in Roswell is clean and equipped with a bar area. Perfect for an end of the year lacrosse team party. Take a few minutes to escape over to Shoe Gallery, which is just a plaza over. Look for WhirlyBall coupons online before booking or VIP specials. That’s the Scoop!

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