What is Avatron Smart Park?


Since this article was written in March 2015, there is now talk between Avatron & Lionsgate for Hunger Game Theme park in this Bartow location. 

Seriously, when I read about this new technology-based amusement park called Avatron, my first thought was the nightlife of Avalon + the movie Avatar = Avatron Smart Park. This proposed amusement park in Emerson of Bartow Country would be another big addition to the area.

According to  of the AJC, Avatron USA, based in Studio City, Calif, wants to create a “first-of-a-kind” project. The development would be called Avatron Smart Park, and would feature two hotels, retail space and possibly a music venue on slightly more than 700 acres, with 200 for immediate development and 500 for future plans.

I mean, who knows what could happen when you have Joel Hyneck, a Hollywood visual effects supervisor and director who won an Academy Award in ’99 for best visual effects, helping to lead the team into the future of amusement parks in 2018!

The Rome News Tribune said the so-called “smart park” would be more like a Universal Studios attraction than a Six Flags.


We had a chance to catch up with the Mayor of Cartersville Matt Santini who said:

“I can tell you that we will support the city of Emerson with any resources that we have to help make this project happen. Avatron would continue that trend and greatly accelerate growth in south Bartow.

They would bring hundreds of construction jobs along with many more jobs once the park opens. It is the type of quality growth and job creation that any community would love to have, and I hope to welcome them to our community in the near future.”

Cartersville is one of six cities in Bartow County. Their quaint and vibrant downtown features many Scoop Approved restaurants and stores. We know that if this “smart park” gets approved, the future of Emerson and Bartow county will be one of the biggest OTP destination spots around!

According to the AJC, the Avatron Website describes the experience as:

Unlock your imagination as you enter the doors of Avatron Park, your destination to a new world where entertainment meets fantasy and perception becomes reality. Patrons young and old create their own 3D avatar and embark on a voyage through the corridors of a virtual realm.

Each step forward, guests are more and more entranced by an immersive and interactive experience created with 3D videos, motion capture, 4D sensory technologies, holograms, and augmented reality. Interacting with RFID wristbands and Kinect sensors, the digital theme park transforms reality into an intriguing quest of characters, folklore, legends, and customs.

Nightlife at Avatron Park is transformed into an epic journey of music, dancing, and fun. Through the use of sound, light, motion, video, and projection technologies, Avatron offers partygoers a night to remember. After hours, Avatron Park transforms into a nightclub and 10,000-seat amphitheater for memorable music events and DJ concerts.

This project, currently in the Enviromental Study phase, is being led locally by GA Attorney David Garrett. The proposed location is off of Paga Mine Road.

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