Sadly, The Study is no longer open. It is now Mancini’s Italian, so enjoy this new restaurant in Canton.

More often than not, my weekend evenings are spent with a couple of hours to fill between running my teenage children around to their various social gatherings. So this past weekend, instead of just going home in between shuttling them, we decided to go out for a drink and a little atmosphere. We found just the spot!

The Study Scoop OTPWe went to Downtown Canton and headed to The Study. We knew right away that the vibe in this place was different than some of the other places we frequent. A stylish, bearded gentleman was at the door to greet folks upon arrival. We felt slightly cool — always a plus. We went in to take a seat at a barside table.

We had already eaten, so we were really just there for a drink. Their cocktail menu is full of all the popular bourbon and whiskey drinks, along with many traditional drinks with a twist. Fortunately, we were seated next to some regulars, so they were able to give us a little input as to what was good.

The Study Scoop OTPNot being one for too much change, I wanted to stay true to my usual drink: a Vodka Tonic. The Study’s variety of this was called “A Tonic with Vodka” and included cane syrup and fresh lime juice, which pretty much made it the best Vodka Tonic I have ever had. Other notable options were the Billionaire Cocktail and the Mezcal Mule. See the entire cocktail menu here.

Now, we did not eat on this particular trip, but I did see plenty of the tapas and sushi being served. The small plate presentation is gorgeous. The Study’s menu is not for the ravenously hungry; you will not find heaping plates of nachos or Bloomin’ onions.

But if you are looking to sit for a while, enjoy some small plates, hand-crafted cocktails and a fun, almost jazzy atmosphere, you should check out the Study. It is a welcome addition to Downtown Canton, and different than any other eatery in town. And tell them Scoop sent you.