Was Summer a #Fail?

Since school is now back in full swing, we are looking back at the enthusiasm we had at the beginning of summer to Scoop a long list of cool, new places. We had a grand vision of how our summer would go with free time and lazy days to do what we wanted to do, now that the rigor of school was over.

calendars-380Fast forward to reality, and we quickly realized that we really didn’t have the summer “off” at all, but rather a slightly less structured eight-week period to run our kids all over town for their sports, activities, and camps.

To be fair, our school district does have a pretty short summer of eight weeks. The first week of summer doesn’t count since you are trying to unwind, and the last week doesn’t count because you are in back-to-school mode. Which leaves us six weeks. Take away travel (each of us gone separate weeks), competitive sports outings (many weekends), and factor in out-of-town company, and we were, in essence, down to about five good days to Scoop together.

Back in May, we had the opportunity to tour LakePoint Sports Complex and meet volleyball legend Sinjin Smith. We also observed Terminus Wake Park and vowed to bring our kids back for a fun-filled day at this Scoop Approved venue. #FAIL! In my defense though, my family actually taught at least 10 kids to wakeboard this summer on Lake Allatoona – including Michelle’s daughter! You still have time to try Terminus Wake Park yourself this summer.

default-logoWe planned to visit the local dog parks with our dogs, since we would have so much free time on our hands. #FAIL. However, we did use our pups to help rally support for the Cherokee County Humane Society when they came into 357 puppies last month, so it’s not a complete fail.

17307_539985719386165_1645029588_nWe did manage to go Scooping with our daughters one day to sample donuts at a new lunch place in Alpharetta. We love to get their feedback on stuff like this! We also meant to get out to Food Truck Thursday the entire summer, but not one time did we make it. #Fail. We are holding out for this next one though!

We failed to visit Scoops Sweet Treats in Milton. Sharing a name, we have been wanting to visit for some time now. #FAIL. But, we did help support the local business in Milton by shopping with our high school sons at Henry & Pearl, and lunched at a new barbecue place.

If doctor’s appointments were on our summer bucket list, we get a 100% for getting our children’s physicals, eye exams, orthodontist, dermatologist, and dentist visits all completed. More days taken away from proper Scooping!

logoOn a positive note, we did some charity work for MUST Ministries and Give a Kid a Chance. We helped friends in need who lost their house due to a fire. The kids worked at Safety Town and attended church camps. So we can’t say we didn’t have them do anything productive. The summer is a great time to have the kids who are so busy during school take some time to help out in the community.

Well there you have it. Another summer is history. And while we all tend to think about everything we didn’t do, meant to do, and really wanted to do, don’t feel bad. We made great memories (even if we didn’t capture that perfect family photo)! We all have the same Summer Bucket List that is only half complete. That’s what we have next summer for!