Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar Now Offers Soft Serve Bubble Tea

The Marietta Square Market opens today and one restaurant, Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, has a new product to share with both established and new fans, soft serve diary-free ice cream infused with team and topped with pearls.

Tiny Bubbles is best known for their Award-Winning Bubble Teas. Bubble Tea is freshly brewed, hand-shaken, iced teas served with a sweet treat of pearls at the bottom. An exciting sensation when tea and bubbles are combined!  Choose a beverage, add pearls, decide how sweet you want it. Vegan, Decaf, Dairy Free and Skinny Menus available.

Just when people thought Bubble Tea was the newest and trendiest sweet treat, Tiny Bubbles takes Bubble Tea and reimagines it to create Soft Serve Bubble Tea. Soft Serve, dairy-free, Ice Cream infused with Tea and topped with pearls! A new, frozen version of Bubble Tea. Tiny Bubbles will feature two flavors each week, starting off with Taro and Matcha Green Tea. Bubble Tea floats are available too. Pick a Bubble Tea and instead of ice, it will be topped with Soft Serve Bubble Tea Ice Cream. So many flavorful combinations await.

Also, Tiny Bubbles is a certified retailer of Macaron Queen, a classic French Macaron baker awarded “Best Dessert in Atlanta” 4 years in a row. The new location features “Tea on Tap” … an exciting new way to serve fresh brewed tea. Other memorable features of the space include, Black matte subway tile inspired by passing trains, creating the perfect backdrop for the pop of colors Tiny Bubbles is known for in their products. The front counter features a black and green plank, similar in texture to the wood railroad found on the tracks above Marietta Square Market. Round globes hang over the main counter at varying heights like falling bubbles, and niched shelves create a small area for product merchandising.

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar was established in 2015 on the Marietta Square by a Mother-Daughter duo, Brielle Gaines and Felecia Prezzano. In 2018 they opened their second location by popular demand in Downtown Woodstock. They are excited to bring their new product to the Marietta Square Market and explain

Tea is our passion and we love being able to showcase it’s versatiliTEA, flavor and fun. Around Marietta and Woodstock, we’re known as the Bubble Tea place… our Soft Serve Bubble Tea is Bubble Tea reimagined.

Search #TinyBubblesTeaTime to see Instagram posts from raving fans.

Parking for Marietta Square Market is available in public parking lots located directly off North Marietta Parkway or Mill Street. Additional parking is available off Polk Street on weekends and after 5 pm on weekdays. If you missed our video on Facebook, we gave you a sneak-peak into the beautiful Marietta Square Market that will have 18 restaurants and 2 retailers.