The Rotisserie Shop

rotshop1If you’re growing tired of the usual lunch and dinner fare, or if you love the option of the rotisserie chicken from your local supermarket, you should try The Rotisserie Shop in Kennesaw. Nothing says yummy, homemade comfort food like a delicious rotisserie cooked chicken.

We actually found out about this new restaurant by one of our trusted followers — we were told we “must go try it!” Loving to get scoop like this, we went in for a visit.

Started by a husband and wife, The Rotisserie Shop is a chef-driven eatery that uses all natural meats and local produce. You can tell that it’s unique as soon as you walk in. And, different from some restaurants whose menus are heavy with meat, it didn’t have that ultra masculine, western barbecue chickenatmosphere. Rather, it felt trendy and hip; not too manly or too girly. In my book, The Rotisserie Shop is great place to make anyone happy.

The options on the menu were so plentiful, I had a very hard time deciding. Choices include pork belly sliders, prime rib crostini, buffalo chicken flatbread, and more. For the rotisserie chicken, pulled pork and prime rib, the shop offers traditional sauces like roasted chicken gravy and buttermilk ranch. But more unique flavors like cilantro lime tomatillo, tupelo honey mustard, pineapple teriyaki, brown sugar BBQ and cayenne buffalo hot are also available. Another tough choice to make!

Since everyone is in such a rush these days, and fast food is sometimes less than desirable, try picking up one of The Rotisserie Shop’s meals to go. You can grab a quarter, half or whole chicken with your choice of sides (the mashed potatoes are amazing!) and feed the whole family. It’s a very nice alternative to burgers or pizza — again. So stop in, and tell them Scoop sent you!

The Rotisserie Shop is located at 2615 George Busbee Parkway, Kennesaw, GA.