The Real Fix Pizzeria

Real Fix Pizzeria Scoop OTP

Update: F&H Trading Group sold this pizzeria to Husband and wife Salem Makhlouf and Georganne Rose.

It sure seems like FH Food Trading Group can do no wrong when it comes to restaurants. Salt Factory Pub, Little Alley Steak and 1920 Tavern are all very successful OTP restaurants. So as a pizza lover, I was really excited when I heard about the Real Fix Pizzeria opening as their latest venture. We grabbed a fellow pizza connoisseur and decided to check it out.

Upon arrival, we realized that orders are placed at the front. It was intimidating for a minute, because the menu has some very unique offerings. Luckily, the staff member could tell we were fist timers, and he happily explained the different choices to us.

We placed our orders and took a seat. Since the pizzas only cook for 90 seconds in a 900 degree oven, ours were brought out to us in no time.

Real Fix Pizzeria Scoop OTP

We decided to try a couple different toppings and one of their signature fried pizzas. The fried pizza is made with a sweeter dough and ingredients like fig, almost giving it more of a dessert-like taste.

Real Fix Pizzeria Scoop OTPWe also ordered a plain cheese, because as our friend always explains, “it’s the best way to really try the crust.” The crust was thin and delicious, and it’s no surprise when you read about how the dough is made. A labor of love!

The Real Fix is a great addition to the existing restaurants in the FH Food Group, filling a need for a slightly more casual eatery in their mix. It’s kid-friendly with a self-serve soda fountain (they do serve beer and wine) and plastic cutlery, yet unique enough to make for a quality dining experience.

If you haven’t tried them yet, stop in, and tell them Scoop sent you.

Located at 14 Elizabeth Way Roswell, GA 30075