As a child I was often asked, “Cake or Pie?” when it came time for dessert at my Grandmother’s home. She was quite the baker, and it wasn’t unusual for her to have both on hand.

I am, without question, a cake person. Pie scared me: the filling touched the crust, and what was in that filling anyway? There were too many unknowns.

The Pie Hole Roswell Scoop OTPSo when we decided to try The Pie Hole in Downtown Roswell, I really wasn’t planning on trying anything, I’d leave that to my fellow Scoopers.

However, the attitude of other customers in a store or restaurant can really be contagious at times… So when a woman literally came running into The Pie Hole exclaiming, “Can I still order an Apple Pie for Thanksgiving?!” (mind you, we were visiting in the first week of November), I realized that this must be some amazing pie.

Apparently, so many apple pies are ordered for the holiday that The Pie Hole stops taking orders for them about two weeks ahead of time! One glance at the apple pie in the case, and I could see why it’s a customer favorite. It was several inches tall, with a sugary crust that looked like it would melt in your mouth.Pie Hole Scoop OTP

Being much more keen on chocolate than fruit, I decided to sit down and try the Derby Pie, which I was completely unfamiliar with. Chocolate chip cookie dough in a pie is the best explanation I can give, and it was gone before I could even think about sharing it. Embarrassed of my inhalation of the piece, I bought a slice of apple and pecan to take home and privately devour. They were also delicious.The Pie Hole Roswell Scoop OTPThe Pie Hole Roswell Scoop OTP

In addition to dessert pie, The Pie Hole makes Pot Pies by hand as well. When you come in and place your order, the pot pie is filled and covered with a crust while you wait — it doesn’t get much fresher than that.

My friends both took them home for dinner and said they were amazing, and of course, so easy to prepare for dinner on a busy weeknight.

The Pie Hole has a large selection of pies on their menu, but everyday is different, so you may want to call ahead to ensure you can get the pie you want. And if you are really wanting one for the holidays, I’d call now! And tell them Scoop sent you.

The Pie Hole is located at 1025 Canton Street in Roswell, GA

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