Paul’s Pot Pies

Chef Paul

When you have been on the Marietta Square since 1984, you must be doing something right. Paul from Paul’s Pot Pies knows what he does right, and that’s making delicious, homemade pot pies.

Also known as Traveling Fare, Paul has served over 500,000 meals between his catering, lunch offerings, and of course, his yummy pot pies since he first opened up shop. I first heard of Traveling Fare about 14 years ago when we moved to the area. My husband was working in the Marietta Square, and would come home with lunch receipts all the time to Traveling Fare. Years later, at the Marietta Farmers Market, Paul was there selling his pot pies! Naturally we had to take one home, since my husband was no longer working in the Square and had missed them.

Just recently, I popped into Paul’s Pot Pies, as I was desperately in need of something other than fast food for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge variety of pot pies, all ready to go home and be popped into the oven.


Think pot pies are just made of chicken? Think again! Paul offers pot roast, jambalaya, pizza, curry chicken, sloppy joe, turkey (loaded with stuffing and cranberries), seafood gumbo, Italian sausage, shrimp creole and vegetarian. Good luck picking just one! He offers both 6 inch and 10 inch pies, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you they weigh about as much as a bowling ball. And if you don’t believe us, maybe the fact that Paul’s Pot Pies has been featured on the Travel Channel will help to convince you.paulspotpies1

With school approaching and hectic schedules sure to follow, why not pop into Paul’s Pot Pies and take one home? It is a refreshing change for those nights you might usually hit the drive through. And be sure to tell Paul Scoop sent you!

Paul’s Pot Pies is located at 10 Mill Street, Marietta GA and is open M-F 11-6, and is at the Marietta Farmer’s Market every Saturday.