Tellus Science Museum is a Gem

There’s no denying it — we all still have that little kid in us who loves to learn about the planets, the weather, dinosaurs and fossils. And if you are one of these types, chances are you have already visited the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. Well, the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville is a wonderful alternative to the ride downtown, and has some very unique exhibits that your children (and you!) will love.

Tellus Science Museum has a variety of exhibits to absorb on your visit. A planetarium, Science in Motion, “My Big Backyard” that is geared toward the littlest of future scientists, and, my personal favorite, the fossil dig and gem panning exhibit.

The Museum is small and welcoming, and very easy to navigate. This is great news for parents with young excited kids who like to run off to the next fun activity!

Tellus puts on some very exciting events as well.  Lunch and Learn, Family Science Night, Rockfest, and Night at the Museum are just a few.  And, like most of us on an outing with children, it’s good to know where the closest resource is for food. The Tellus Café offers a nice variety for a quick snack or lunch, so no need to panic.


Next time you are looking to fill up a day with an educational experience, give the Tellus Science Museum a try.  And tell them Scoop sent you!