I have to admit, I am slightly biased on the subject of visiting Savannah. Having a daughter who attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, I had a very valid excuse to go to Savannah a couple of times a year. If you live in the metro Atlanta area, it is absolutely a must see, and a Scoop “Worth the Drive.”

When you first arrive in Savannah, you feel as though you have traveled back in time, or maybe like you are on the set of a movie. The small town is a combination of Old South plantation and chic urban modernism.

Whether you want to have a weekend escape to relax in one of the 22 city squares, or if you are more into shopping, dining and art exhibits, you can do it all in a couple of days visiting the “Hostess City.”

Love history? Museums and tours are throughout the town, ranging from general history-based informative style tours, to the more playful Ghost Tours. You can even take a short 30-minute drive over the bridge to Tybee Island and dip your toes in the Atlantic Ocean. All in one day!

The culinary experience in Savannah is exceptional.  If you are a die-hard Paula Deen fan, then you must at least visit her storefront. Dining in her restaurant is a bit of a challenge, but you can do it if you get yourself in line early that day for a reservation for later.

Now, if you talk to the locals, you will find that the less flashy-looking the restaurant is, the better the food. Clary’s Diner, which was featured on the Food Network, is a breakfast dream, and you would walk right past it if you hadn’t been told to head there. Savannah has many dining spots, and exploring them is part of the fun. My major recommendation is Vinnie van Gogh Gogh’s pizza. This is a tiny hole-in-the-wall looking place, but the line for a table says otherwise about their pizza. You really just have to try it!

Savannah is home to the second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the country, so you will notice an Irish flare in some areas of the city. It is a very big celebration that books up a year in advance, so if you want to experience Savannah during St. Patrick’s Day, you will definitely need to plan ahead. Although to truly experience everything the city has to offer, I would suggest going at a different time so that you can really enjoy your visit.

Be prepared to walk when you visit Savannah. You should be able to park you car at your hotel and leave it there until your departure. So this Scooper’s tip is to definitely have comfortable shoes, as much as it pains me to admit that (I’m a heels all the time kind of girl). You also have the option of pedicabs and horse-drawn carriages, which are available on every street throughout the city for when you need to get from one end of town to the other. But it’s worth it to walk — walking under the Spanish moss is a staple of visiting Savannah, and each of the squares is drenched in history with statues and signs. And the 30-acre Forsyth park is a beautiful gem right in the center of the city. The fountain (pictured above) was built in 1858 and is truly the heart of Savannah.

Savannah is an ideal weekend getaway — even better if you can squeak out a three-day weekend. It really is one of those places you just must see, especially if you are living as close as we are here in OTP.