Sub Zero Ice Cream Coming to Georgia

An ice cream chain made popular by the hit TV show “Shark Tank” is opening two Georgia Sub Zero Ice Cream locations according to Tomorrow’s News Today.  Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is a customizable, nitrogen infused frozen treat that is made right before your eyes.

The two locations opening soon are in Atlanta at 250 Park Avenue West (fall timeframe) and Sandy Springs in the Prado on Roswell Road (August). It very well might be worth the drive for ice cream fans, especially those with dietary concerns, restrictions or even just a very specific preference in their ice cream.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Some of the choices for the base of the ice cream include custard, yogurt, vegan and sugar free options, combined with dozens of different mix-in options. I have visited the Siesta Key location multiple times with my family, and everyone having the option to choose between the “healthier” options as well as the more decadent treats was a very nice feature that made the whole family happy. I am foreseeing a ride to Atlanta in the future for a Sub Zero fix.

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