Rustique is Unique

With so many places to shop for home furnishings these days, it’s not always easy to differentiate your style from everyone else. But look no further! Opened in 1997 in Marietta, Rustique offers the ability to “shop the world without leaving Atlanta.”

The owners of the shop travel frequently to Europe, Latin America, and Asia in search of unique pieces to bring back to their showroom. Rustique boasts a 25,000 square foot show place with a vast array of furniture, light fixtures, rugs, accessories, garden architecturals, pottery, and iron furniture.

I realized that Rustique was unique a few years ago, when my Father-in-law, who travels down from Cleveland several times a year, insisted on stopping in Rustique EVERY time he was here for a visit. And, even more surprising, was the fact Larry, Rustique’s resident expert, actually remembers him! Nonetheless, we stop in often, whether we are in the market for anything or not, just to browse and get ideas (and of course, say hi to Larry).

On my last visit, I noticed the building next door to Rustique was open with a sign “Rustique Closeouts” on it. I was nervous at first, but quickly realized this was an affordable, small piece of Rustique Heaven! The smaller store was filled with their overstocked items that were highly discounted. I promptly grabbed a holiday gift and was on my way, before more damage could be done.

Now is a great time to check out Rustique and see what they have to offer. Say hey to Larry, and tell him Scoop sent you!