Pilot Test of Roswell Trolley

Downtown Roswell has many unique restaurants and shops, how can you see them all? Now you can hop on one of the ten approved stops with the new free Roswell Trolley.

City of Roswell Community Relations Coordinator Darnisha Green stated that Council approved the trolley pilot project to move people through the historic district during the busiest times of the week — Friday and Saturday nights — when parking is hard to come by. This will allow people to park at City Hall and catch the trolley to Canton Street and Historic Square.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Roswell City Council has approved spending $13,200 for a pilot trolley service that will carry riders around the historic district downtown on weekend evenings starting Friday. The city has retained Historic Marietta Trolley LLC to run the free service from 5 to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, May 12-Aug. 5.

Steve Stroud, executive director of Roswell Inc, said:
We always support projects that provide stronger connectivity between our local businesses and the community. We know trolley programs have been successful in other cities and think it’s a great idea to try this out in Roswell’s Historic District.

Roswell resident Jeff Bridges said that he didn’t know how it is going to be funded, but he would lean towards having the money come from the businesses that are expected to benefit from it.  The vehicle will operate a total of 24 days during the 90-day trial, generating ridership data that will help to city decide whether to implement the service permanently. The city intends to pay only for the pilot project and will look into sources of long-term funding, such as passenger fares, sponsorships or by groups such as the Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau, officials said.

Meanwhile, enjoy the free trial service! The city of Marietta has also launched a valet parking program to alleviate some of their parking issues. I think this project is a good idea for a visitor to see Roswell easily. Now, you can pop on over to the new The Whiskey Project, which is located on Oak Street, slightly off the beaten path of historic downtown.

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