pOpshelf Open in Canton

Dollar General is launching a new store that’s aimed at wealthier shoppers who appreciate a good deal. The new concept, called  pOpshelf, will feature home decor, beauty items, cleaning supplies, party goods and more — with the majority of items costing $5 or less. The newest location is opening Monday at the Canton Marketplace, where the old Office Max was located at 1810 Cumming Hwy #1200, Canton, GA 30115. Store hours are from 9am to 9pm.

There are 8 other locations in Georgia. In this same shopping complex, there is also the competitor 5 Below.



Store Manager Amber Nichole shared this tip: Make sure you sign up online first time you go as you get free box with gifts. You can pick between, male, female, office or toy. You get 5 full size items in the category. You just have to show the barcode!


Nichole confirmed the store opens Monday, 8/30, it had a slight setback from the original opening date of Friday the 27th. Here is the local Facebook page to follow. As of 7am, on the corporate website, it still says coming soon, but that may change today.

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