I am not into Cross Fit or Paleo, but if something tastes good, I am in! Creator Jessi Cushenberry of Primal Paleo Concepts noGRAINola is a Woodstock resident and Cherokee Country Firefighter. If Jessi wasn’t a firefighter, she would be a chef!

She created this superfood that will “rock your tastebuds” to satisfy her desire to have a crunchy healthy breakfast and snack alternative. Savvy scooper and fitness trainer Lori Forrester  recommended the food to me as a delicious treat.

Jessi explained in simple terms to me that Paleo is food that “grew, ran, or swam.” Her noGRAINola is basically a low carbohydrate natural granola. The ingredients in the original flavor noGRAINola are prunes (instead of the traditional dates normally used in Paleo recipes) carrots, organic coconut, almonds, sea salt and stevia. There is also an unsweetened choice. Each bag costs $7.99.

In general, Paleo products have no grain and no refined sugars. She kept mixing and choosing ingredients that gave her the best crunchy, sweet, and satifsying flavor. It is 100% glutten free and vegan — or as Jessi says, “100% real food and 0% yucky stuff.”
You can add noGRAINola to your yogurt or just eat it plain. For breakfast, have it with some almond milk or soy milk.

It’s a great alternative to the traditional Atkins or Paleo breakfast of eggs and bacon. You can order it online, or stop by All About Health on Hwy 92 in Woodstock, Cross Fit Cherokee or Cross Fit Lanier. Look for more distribution soon.

Watch our Facebook page for a giveaway of her noGRAINola soon. When you place an order, tell her the Scoop girls sent you.