Ever wanted to know what lust in liquid form is like? Vixen Vodka is a new brand of vodka that targets women, and is considered figure-friendly since it is gluten-free.

The company is launching this month with distribution in local restaurants and liquor stores.  The founders and creators are three women who met at CrossFit classes and describe themselves as memorable, flirty, and fun. With their background in marketing, advertising, and sales, they created a brand that represents them and all women.

CEO LeeAnn Snyder said, “Every women has had a vixen moment!”

A girl’s trip to the beach inspired the idea for creating a vodka.  At first, they thought it didn’t matter what product they chose or what it tasted like, because they have excellent marketing skills.  But with the help of a chemist in Denver, they perfected the taste of Vixen Vodka. They are now selling a product they are proud to drink and bring to market.

A lot of CrossFitters follow a gluten-free lifestyle, so it was important for them to have this benefit. The three women relied on their CrossFit background and each other to help them meet the challenges of starting a new company, entering the male dominated liquor business, and choosing a distributor.

Part of their mission statement is “I am a survivor. A warrior in stilettos. And every accomplishment I’ve ever made, every heartbreak I’ve overcome, I’ve done it with class, sass and a glass half-full. Because being a Vixen is a badge of honor – a commitment to myself that I’m worth it, that I’m incredible just as I am.”

With their launch in Georgia and now across many other states, they are excited to watch the brand grow. The product is made in Colorado, but the women live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Outside the Perimeter!

The 80-proof vodka lets women be in charge of how much they want to pour with their mixers or drink on the rocks. Many women who prefer white wine are switching over to Vodka, so they can control their consumption levels. All three owners really want the vodka brand to empower women everywhere — even their Facebook page is dedicated to positive thoughts.

An update November 2014, you can now find Vixen Vodka in the following states:

and coming Jan 2015:  upstate NY