Marietta Square Transformed for Movie

The Marietta Square was transformed into a political rally on Monday for the upcoming film, “The Leisure Seeker”, starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland. Both actors have filmed other movies preciously in Atlanta: Mirren for “Fast 8”, and Sutherland for “The Hunger Games”.

Photo Credit of Jennifer Brett,
Photo Credit to Jennifer Brett of Atlanta Buzz

The center of the politically rally scene was centered around the Earl Smith Strand Theater. The scene was so realistic in appearance that the Strand took to Facebook just to clarify:

Today, Monday August 22, a feature film will be taking over Marietta! This film will be using The Strand as well as the historic town square as set pieces for their scenes. Although this is not a political movie, the scene that takes place in the square is of a political rally. If you’re passing through the square today, you might see your beloved theatre and town square covered in political signage. We wanted to let our loyal patrons know that The Strand as a business does not endorse any political candidates, and any ‘campaigning’ you might see on the building today is for filming only. We are always excited to be involved in the growing film industry in Georgia.

Stay tuned to Scoop OTP and we will get the casting calls for this movie out as we find them. Thank you to Jennifer Brett and Atlanta Filming for the photos.

Photo Credit to Atlanta Filming
Photo Credit to Atlanta Filming
Photo Credit to Atlanta Filming