List your home, property or business for a film location

Atlanta has been referred to as the “Hollywood of the South”.  In 2015 alone, Georgia-lensed feature films and television productions generated an economic impact of $6 billion. How can you get a piece of the pie? You never know the needs of a production company, so this could be an opportunity for everyone to list your home, property or business for a film location and extra income.  Recently, Clint Eastwood’s movie, Sully movie filmed in Milton, GA“Sully” filmed in private homes in Milton, GA.

According to Georgia Film and TV Production, you can list your home or property as a film location for some of the biggest movies and TV shows filming in Georgia. For the most part, there is no set rate.  Location fees vary depending on the location budget of the show, scene requirements, impact on the property and other factors.  Representatives of the production company will make an offer if the location is of interest. You can even use a professional company like Cast My Home.

PrintIf you would like your Georgia home, business or property considered, all you have to do is send digital photos via their location submission form.  You can also mail a flash drive or CD to their office address.  Or you can use a free file transfer service like  E-mail is generally discouraged.

Please include all information required on the location submission form (property name, street address, point of contact, etc.)

Staff will review your photos and, if approved, your property will be added to their location photo database.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Locations submitted with just one photo will not be accepted.  Send as many photos per location as you can.  You will not be able to edit your listing once submitted, so please submit all photos at one time.
  1. If submitting a home, business or other building, include interior and exterior shots. If interior shooting is not allowed, please make note of this in the “usage restriction” field.
  1. You must be the actual owner of the property, or have the authority to approve filming, to submit photos to our database.
  1. All submitted locations are for potential use as shooting locations. If you want to list the property for lodging, please visit Reel-Crew production directory and submit the property, or contact a housing coordinator listed in the directory.
  1. Do not include photos shot in inclement weather (snow, fog, rain, etc.).
  1. Staged photos highlighting people, pets or objects may not be accepted. Headshots are not accepted.
  1. Do not submit video clips, renderings, or brochures – just photos of the actual locations.
  1. If the property is due to be sold or drastically remodeled in the very near future, please wait to submit photos until the property is in its “final” condition.
  1. Submit large, monitor quality photos and shoot wide where possible so we can see detail. Photos that are too small will not sell your location.
  1. Make sure all photos are properly rotated.
  1. Submitted locations with no attached photos will not be accepted. Typically if we do not receive the images, the file size is too big. Here are some suggested sizing guidelines:
  • 144-150 dpi
  • File size between 200KB – 1 MB   imgres-1
  • JPEG compression = 7 good quality
  • 1280 X 1024 resolution
  • Physical photo size: 8.5″ X 11″

For more information and how to submit your property, click here.

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