It’s Greek To Us!

Picture 11We often like to remind people that we are not foodies, and we are not at all overly familiar with Greek food. So when we popped into It’s Greek To Us in Marietta, we had no idea what to expect.

Luckily for us, the fast-casual style restaurant staff was very friendly and welcoming, and quite aware that we were in over our head. We had missed the lunch crowd, so at least we didn’t have to feel bad about holding up the line. The staff helpfully explained what Spanakopita, Moussaka and Tzatzaki all are, so we were able to make an informed choice when we placed our order.

Since we were lunching with our friends from Bizwire Marketing, we were able to get quite a few different dishes that we could sample and share. All of the dishes came out as you might expect Greek meals to be: huge!

Being about the most unwilling to branch out, I had the beef and chicken kabobs with Greek potatoes and a Greek salad. It was yummy!


We also got the Moussaka, which is basically a Greek lasagna — it was delicious and sweet. We inquired with our server about what makes it sweet, and the chef then invited us back into the kitchen to see how it was made! Chef Gus was very enthusiastic about showing us around and how he made the sweet lasagna.

If you’re just not feeling the Greek, they do have a few American standbys. Catering and to-go orders are available, too.

It’s Greek To Us was a friendly, clean, and tasty alternative for a fast-casual meal. Give them a shot next time you are looking for something different than your everyday lunch. And tell them Scoop sent you!

It’s Greek To Us is located at 1355 Church Street Extension, Marietta GA. If you are in the area, another great place to check out is The Red Eyed Mule