Well OTPers, I have your new vacation stop. Have you ever heard of Isle of Palms? I hadn’t either until I found myself there with a friend in September.

Tucked away, Isle of Palms is a small island right outside of Charleston, South Carolina. In being here you would never know you were just 30 minutes away from the upbeat city. It’s the perfect peaceful getaway by day and a short drive to a fun filled place at night.

Isle of Palms Scoop OTP

This place really has everything. If you want a quiet day on the beach then just simply walk outside to find your feet in the sand. If you want to be a typical tourist and visit Charleston’s famous market then the city is a short drive away. Finally, if you want the fun downtown beach environment then go check out downtown Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s Island (a 10 minute drive).

Isles of Palms South Carolina Scoop OTPThis family-friendly island has something to offer to everyone. Fishing, biking, surfing, and boating are just a few of the things offered on the island. Let’s also not forget the fun dining atmospheres offered on the island, one being Morgan Creek Grill with a very coastal porch environment. But wait — then there’s Charleston! Here you can go on a ghost tour, shop the slave market, and learn the history of the city via horse drawn carriage. Your options are endless.

So instead of going to your same ole beach spot next vacation, try out this spot for a change. Coastal Living Magazine calls it the Dream Town with all of the recreational and dining options.  You have the beach, the town, and the city all packed into one place! What more could you ask for?

Megan is an upcoming senior. She started to think about what to do for her senior project, and decided to do something a little out of her comfort zone and see where it would lead. So here she is writing, but writing about things 100% in her comfort zone. As a retail employee, she is obsessed with all the new trends in fashion, and as a typical high schooler, she is always looking for something to do. So she decided to write about her findings and share the Scoop on being a senior. 

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