The Importance of a Professional Head Shot

We live in a headstrong digital, photo-enthusiastic world. And now, on Linkedin, and all forms of social media, “selfies” have become the status quo and no longer the exception. Making yourself stand out from the crowd may be what it takes to get your profile viewed and your resume read.

J King Images We recently connected with Jerry of J King Images from Woodstock, Georgia. We met casually at a networking meeting, but after some online investigating, we couldn’t help but notice his high quality and extremely unique photography style. Fortunately for us, he was willing to collaborate with us on this effort. We were guilty of having cell phone photos as our profile pictures, and he could tell we needed some professional help. Here’s what we learned about the importance of having a professional head shot.

If you are wondering why investing in a professional head shot is a good idea, here are some of the reasons.

Stand out from the crowd: A good, professional headshot will get noticed before a “selfie” or a low quality point-and-shoot camera photo. In our fast paced, digital world, a high quality head shot gives a contact reason to pause and look over your profile.

Show investment: Showing a prospective employer or customer that you have invested in your professional head shot shows you are invested in your business/professional life.

Face to the name: A professional photo that stands out will help keep your name fresh in the minds of other professionals.

Look the part: To be treated professionally, you must look professional.

If you are nervous about preparing for your head shot, Jerry offers this advice:

Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water prior to the day of your shoot. Try not to have anything scheduled to close before or after your photo shoot so that you are not stressed, as the camera will pick up on that. Dress comfortably, but keep in line with how you wish to be portrayed (semi-professional, business casual, actor). Keep makeup natural, avoiding anything with a white finish, and stick to matte foundation. Men should avoid getting a haircut 2 days before photo shoot. If you have skin irritation, talk to the photographer as it may be an easy fix that can be done during the editing process.

Look at the beautiful quality head shots he took of us! We couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.

J King Images - Michelle Knapp

J King Images - Suzanne Taylor

Jerry King is a portrait, lifestyle, and fashion photographer. Growing up, he always had an appreciation for photography, gazing through Time, Life and National Geographic, but never envisioned himself behind the camera. His journey into photography began after capturing an image of his daughter and granddaughter with a simple cellphone. He knew from that moment on that he wanted to be able to freeze time and create memories that evoke emotions from everyone that views his vision. The J King Images team brings the studio experience to you on location. J King Images partners with you to make your photo session an enjoyable collaborative experience from start to finish. Follow them on Facebook to see their quality work.