Atlanta Casting Calls

Here’s the latest casting calls from our friends at ClaimeFame.

 Are you a huge Arrested Development fan? While there’s still no word on the long-awaited 5th season or movie, Jason Bateman is making a brand new Netflix show! If you’ve got a well-developed funny bone, you won’t want to miss this! Check it out.


Sundance isn’t just a film festival anymore! The bastion for independent film has started developing prestige television, and they need actors to fill out the cast of their new show Rectify. Become the talk of Hollywood today! Apply for this audition.

If you love television these days, you’re probably watching AMC. This former home of classic drama films has exploded in popularity thanks to shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Their latest show, Halt and Catch Fire, is a major source of auditions in the Atlanta area. Go audition today! 

It may be the dog days of summer, but Halloween is right around the corner. The hit web series Horror Hotel is casting for new talent (or should I say…VICTIMS!?!?!?). Are you brave enough to respond to this casting call? Apply here!


If you’re more of a fantasy fan, we’ve got you covered too. The short film Goddess deals with mythological creatures in the modern day. There will be costumes and magic galore! Check it out!

Always wanted to be a model? BMG Models is having an open call for new talent! This means anyone can apply, so what do you have to lose? Here’s the information.