Escalade Rock Climbing Park

I am not a thrill seeker, nor do I promote thrill seeking from my children. You can ask them! Zip-lining, sky diving, rock climbing are all terms that send a escalade1shiver down my spine. So when my son asked to go to Escalade Rock Climbing Park with his friends, I did what I usually do in these situations: cross my fingers and hope the plan would fall through. No such luck.

To my surprise, Escalade Rock Climbing Park was actually very safe. The park has several different areas that range from beginner to advanced. Now, don’t be too impressed — I simply dropped my son off with his friends. But I did walk around the facility to scope it out. (Sidenote: Escalade is a short drive around the corner from The Big Pie in the Sky, which is a great place to feed a bunch of hungry climbers when you’re done.

escalade2The staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable.  With your paid admission you have assistance from a guide for as much or little as you need. There is a playground area for younger, beginning climbers, as well as intermediate to advanced walls.

According to my son (my trusted Scooper on this outing) the entire event was “such a good workout.” The inverted staircase and rope swing were also very challenging but of course, had to be attempted by the bunch of boys.

If rock climbing is your thing, Escalade offers classes to improve your skills. They even offer Aerial Silks (which actually might even get me in there), as well as birthday parties, group events, camps and a portable rock wall.

So while I still dread the thought of one of my kids asking to go caving or spelunking, I now am at least comfortable with taking them to go indoor rock climbing at Escalade. And you should be too! Tell them Scoop sent you.

Escalade Rock Climbing Gym is located at 3694 Kennesaw South Industrial Drive, Kennesaw, GA