How to Avoid the Crowds on Your Orlando Vacation

There used to be seasons when you could head to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort with lighter crowds.  As the popularity of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando has increased, it has been more difficult to pick the perfect time to vacation in Orlando.

In 2019 the popularity of Orlando is expected to increase even more. Walt Disney World will be opening Star Wars Land AKA Galaxies Edge in the late fall of 2019.  Universal Orlando Resort is adding a new Harry Potter themed attraction to Islands of Adventure that is sure to have a massive draw.

But don’t fear– there are two strategies that you can use to help avoid the crowds at Walt Disney World and at Universal Orlando Resort.

First, if you can wait to see Galaxies Edge at Walt Disney World and the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando Resort, then I would book your vacation ASAP to travel and stay before these attractions open.  You will avoid the opening rush later in 2019 when these new attractions open.

Use a Crowd Calendar

My second tip is to use a crowd calendar. For Walt Disney World I have put together an estimate on 2019 Disney World crowd levels based on past crowds. I have adjusted these crowd estimates based on new attractions opening, new events happening in 2019, holidays and school schedules. 

By using the Disney World crowd calendar you can get a good feel for what weeks, days, and months are best and then plan accordingly to book your vacation.  Of course popular times like Christmas, New Years, July 4th are all times with higher crowd levels.  You really need to be flexible with your travel dates and go when others are in school to score the lightest crowd levels on an Orlando vacation. 

Search out the light green, green, and blue colored dates on the Disney crowd calendar to try and hit overall medium to lighter crowd levels. 

Disney Fastpasses and Universal Express Pass

Picking great dates to travel is just the first step. Disney World Fastpasses and Disney Dining reservations are key to save time when you are at Disney World. Fastpasses will save you time in line and also having Disney Fastpass reservations will give you a plan of action.  Universal Orlando Resort has Express Pass and you can get this for Free by using my top Universal Orlando Resort tip. 

Where to book your vacation to save and get expert advice

After you have your travel dates selected I would then contact an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner  to plan and book your Disney vacation. For Universal Orlando Resort you can get the lowest Guaranteed Vacation Package rates here at Universal Family Vacations

When you book one of the three Universal Orlando Resorts (Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, or Loews Royal Pacific Resort) your Universal Orlando Resort vacation package includes Free Express Unlimited for everyone on your vacation package room reservation. This is a $129+ plus value per person, per day.  A Universal Orland Resort vacation package includes your park tickets and on-site resort. 

To get your free Universal Express Pass as part of your Universal Vacation package, make sure you book one of these three Universal on-site resort hotel vacation packages (Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, or Loews Royal Pacific Resort).

Plan some off park days

To stay in the right frame of mind, and to have your vacation feel like a vacation. I would recommend you plan a resort day. Just enjoy your resort, go shopping, enjoy some new restaurants or nighttime entertainment, or hang out at the pool.  Going day after day to the parks can be exhausting and a day off from the parks can really help.

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