Grain & Grit Clothing Line

jeep2I recently popped into Heritage Outfitters in Kennesaw to grab a gift for my son. Among the usual brands, like Southern Marsh and Southern Proper, I spotted a new brand called Grain & Grit. As it turns out, this brand was created by OTPers!

Co-Creators Thomas McCormick and Parker Newhart graduated from Blessed Trinity Catholic High School in Roswell and were raised in Marietta and East Cobb respectively. They are sophomores at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA, which is also where their shirts are manufactured.

our-storyThe two decided they wanted to get a head start on their future and be productive in college. So they created a business out of something they use and wear everyday — great shirts at an affordable price. And the clothing and hat line isn’t gender or age specific, so anybody can find a style that they love and enjoy!

Scoop loves the company name Grain an Grit as it symbolizes all hard working Americans. “The Grain” represents the land that this great country was built on, and the “The Grit” represents the hard working Americans that made this country into what it is today. The name transcends more than just the southern culture. And with distribution in 25 stores, McCormick and Newhart are excited about their future plans to expand across the United States.

Hats4SweetTea13Locally, you can find their clothing line at Heritage Outfitters and Southern Style in Kennesaw. Just like we love seeing our OTP magnets on cars we don’t recognize, these young entrepreneurs love to see strangers wearing their shirts. With a starting retail price of $27.50, they are excited to grow the brand and their following. You can also order online at their website.

We love companies that give back. Grain & Grit donates to Breast Cancer Awareness, Children’s Miracle Network, and soon they will be donating to The Chatahooche Riverkeeper – an OTP charity.

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This article was originally written last year.