Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast

A new bakery and breakfast spot is getting ready to open its doors on Canton Street in Roswell. Jasmin Willis, a Roswell native, UGA grad turned professional pastry chef, is opening Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast this July.

The space, located at 1164 Canton Street, has been in her family for over 30 years. Willis, who-after graduating from the University of Georgia-realized her true passion for culinary arts, has previously worked on the Ford Fry pastry team. Gracious Plenty will be a place to bring her skills and experience to life.

Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast will carry bakery items such as biscuits, doughnuts, cornbread, and monkey bread, as well as savory choices charcuterie boards, eggs, toasts, oatmeal and grits. The coffee shop-style eatery will be acquiring a beer and wine license, so sangrias and mimosas will eventually be added to the menu.

Willis is aiming to add lunch to the menu as well in the future. She also is striving to be a charitable and supportive member of the community for its customers and workers. Follow Gracious Plenty Bakery & Breakfast on Facebook and Instagram for more updates about when they will be opening this summer.