Georgia Mountain Coaster Now Open

The new Georgia Mountain Coaster is now open in Helen. It’s the first German-made alpine coaster in Georgia.

For $15 for adults (and the second ride is half-off), visitors will experience a slow climb up a Helen hillside and a fast, thrilling descent back to South Main Street.

You can ride with 1 or 2 people per cart. To drive the cart, you must be 56″ tall. To ride the cart you must be 38″ tall and 3 years or older. The weight restriction is 375 pounds per cart.

Alpine coasters are not the same as roller coasters. They are downhill, single cars on tracks, with adjustable speeds. Riders can push to go or pull to slow, and the appeal is typically the opportunity to enjoy a natural view.

Built for safety and speed, the coaster will get your heart racing if you desire. This will be a must try outdoor activity when you visit Helen, GA. Follow them on Facebook for their updated hours.

According to Forsyth News:

The coaster has been in the works for about three years and is owned by Terry Sims, who also owns Cool River Tubing in Helen. Built and designed by Wiegand Sports, the coaster stretches the better part of a mile up and down the hillside above 8409 S. Main St.

8409 S MAIN ST, HELEN, GA 30545 US. Stairs to the coaster are located right next to Paul’s On The River.

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