Cool River Tubing in Helen

Cool River Tubing Scoop OTPAs the days grow hotter, there is no better time to go tubing down the beautiful Chattahoochee River! Last year, my family went to Cool River Tubing in Helen, Georgia, to go tubing at their Chattahoochee Outpost. We had a blast — it’s great Forced Family Fun!

After paying the fees ($5 per person) and choosing the 1.5-hour ride, we looked around the gift shop and rented a locker for $2. A bus shuttled us up to the point where we were to enter the river, and we were given colorful tubes for the ride down. You can choose between tubes with or without bottoms, and we chose ones with bottoms.

While my mother-in-law and I decided to attach our tubes together with my oldest son and daughter (tethCool River Tubing Scoop OTPer straps are provided) and my husband attached his tube to our youngest son’s tube, my father-in-law decided to float alone.

The day was sunny and hot, a perfect day to “Shoot the Hooch!” My kids loved zooming over the small “waterfalls” (just some rocks on an incline), and a couple of times I got out of my tube to push the four of us over these inclines. I highly recommend bringing a walking stick to help push your way through the rocky areas (also available in the gift shop).

If you are a lone rider like my father-in-law, you should float right over the rocks with no problem; however, if you have two or more tubes tethered together, you might get bunched together between rocks in a few areas and have to push your way along. Although the water is shallow in most places, a few areas are deep, so be careful before getting out of your tube. Life jackets are provided if you need one (children under 12 must wear one).Shoot the Hootch Scoop OTP

Floating down the river on a hot Georgia summer day is very peaceful, relaxing, and fun! My kids enjoyed it so much, they want to return again this season. This year we plan to also buy waterslide tickets. Helen, here we come!

Their website has all the details you need to know before you go! Follow them on Facebook too for the latest updates. There is also Cool River Adventures for those that like to zipline.

Stay cool and have fun Shootin’ the  Hooch! Photos taken from their Facebook page.

Cool River Tubing is located at 590 Edelweiss Strasse, Helen, GA 30545 — 706.878.2665

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Connie Briggs is a contributing writer to Scoop OTP. Originally from Florida, she grew up in Cherokee Country and has lived for 9 years in Canton with her husband and three children. Currently, she is a Graduate Teaching Asst. at KSU while pursuing a Master’s of Professional Writing Degree. Connie has also written about Cloudland Canyon and Go Fish at the Georgia Education Center.