Need a cute top for a party? How about a dress for Sunday Brunch or church? Dress Up Boutique just may have what you are looking for.

Although they have several OTP locations, I have frequented the Downtown Woodstock location.  The first thing you will notice is the very stylish décor of the shop.  I actually have had to stop myself from continually asking the store clerk “who decorated in here?”

The clothing that they carry ranges from something you could wear for a girl’s night out, to more conservative looks that would be completely acceptable for work or school.

The best part is the fact that all of their items are under $40.  They have great jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, handbags and other accessories that are all very trendy and reasonably priced.

Dress Up Boutique gets new shipments every week, and I can honestly say that every time I visit the store, it’s all new merchandise that I haven’t seen before.  So if you see something you love, its best to buy it and not wait!