Fireworks Legal in GA: Jake’s Fireworks

Remember having to cross state lines to buy the bigger, better fireworks? Well, just in time for the Fourth of July, you’ll be able to purchase them right here in Georgia! So which big box stores are going to carry more than the “safe & sound” fireworks you could only buy in Georgia? We came acoss ths article from Online Athens that says Jake’s Fireworks, which has retail and wholesale operations based in Pittsburg, Kansas, is opening five stores in Georgia on July 1 — in Athens, Buford, Kennesaw and in Macon, which will get two stores.  Time will tell if we will see the ooh and aah fireworks at Walmart and Kroger too! Remember, the pop-up tents aren’t approved for the larger fireworks.

House Bill 110 will legalize the sale of consumer fireworks in Georgia, allowing residents to buy bottle rockets and other launchers in the state. It will take effect July 1.

Fireworks legal in GA Scoop OTP

According to an article in the AJC by Greg Bluestein:

“People in our state are crossing state lines and buying fireworks,” Gov. Nathan Deal said Tuesday. “We have so many neighbors around us that already authorize the sale of fireworks, I think this just made sense. And I think we have taken every precaution we can to try to eliminate any injuries associated with it.”

The measure requires businesses and nonprofits to pay a $5,000 licensing fee to sell the popular explosives, and the funds must be spent for public safety purposes. The law also creates a new excise tax of 5 percent on every sale, in addition to state and local sales taxes.

405728_516362801748605_1700611198_nScoop OTP spoke to John Feigert, Southeast Regional Sales Manager, for Wild Dragon Fireworks out of Kenneasaw. Their distribution locations aren’t in Georgia, but they will be a wholesale supplier to stores and temporary stands during this season. According to him, storefronts will be the only legal place to sell these new fireworks this July.  If you see tents or trailers before January 1st 2016, they will only be selling “safe and sane” fireworks that were already approved. Those fireworks don’t explode in the air or on the ground.  But, he is confident that someone will probably put together a storefront for this year, so stay tuned for those locations!

You may be familiar with Fireworks City.  According to their website, they have the biggest and best selection of government-approved full line discounted fireworks in a large climate controlled space. They are located right outside the Georgia line on I-20. I know I have stopped there before!

There is still a lot of discussion and negotation going on with the governement, lobbists and retailers. But, in the end we should have easier access to saying ooh and aah this July Fourth!

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Jake’s Fireworks of Athens

3970 Atlanta Hwy
Athens, GA 30606
Map and Directions

Hours: 8am to 10pm

TELEPHONE: 678-661-2001

 Jakes Fireworks of Buford

928 Gainesville Hwy

Buford, GA 30518
Map and Directions

Hours: 8am to 10pm

TELEPHONE: 470-202-9152

Jakes Fireworks of Kennesaw
4299 Bells Ferry Rd
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Map and DirectionsHours: 8am to 10pmTELEPHONE: 470-200-0544
Macon too