DIY Christmas Gifts

Living OTP, we have plenty of retail stores to find the perfect holiday gifts, but what we do not always have is plenty of time. So instead of using up your time in traffic or lines to pay for a non-personalized gift, why not attempt a DIY holiday gift? We at Scoop have just the ideas for you.

DIY Soap Gift Scoop OtPMost everyone loves to take a nice hot bath or refreshing shower. If this description fits one of your friends, then go no further than your kitchen to get them the perfect holiday gift. Try your hand at making a DIY  bath bomb, sugar scrub, or — my personal favorite — salt scrub bar. Although I have never made a bath bomb or sugar scrub, I have made the salt scrub bars and can say it would make a perfect gift for all.

Jar of Joy Scoop otpIf kitchen work isn’t in your forte, our next DIY gift is just a short drive to your local CVS. A gift doesn’t get much more personal than a jar full of someone’s favorite things. I like to call this gift the “jar of joy.” Find a jar or another type of container (preferably cute) and fill it with the gift receiver’s favorite things. You could even do items as simple as a Starbucks gift card, their favorite lipstick, and a Hersey’s bar. Just throw these items in a jar, tie a bow around the top, and TADA, you have the perfect gift!

Our last, but certainly not least, DIY gift is everyone’s favorite: cookies! Keep it simple and traditional with some homemade baking this year. Nothing is better during the holiday season than opening up a tin of diycookies for the whole family to share. Whether sprinkled and iced or chocolate and nutty, you can never go wrong with that which satisfies the tongue. Use your family’s top secret recipe or one of Scoop’s favorites!

No matter what gift you give this year, make it heartfelt, homemade, and personal. You are guaranteed this with these fun, festive DIY gifts. So keep it simple, keep it quick, and leave the big expensive gifts to Ole Saint Nick.

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Megan is a high school senior. She started to think about what to do for her senior project, and decided to do something a little out of her comfort zone and see where it would lead. So here she is writing, but writing about things 100% in her comfort zone. As a retail employee, she is obsessed with all the new trends in fashion, and as a typical high schooler, she is always looking for something to do. So she decided to write about her findings and share the Scoop on being a senior.