Mountain Biking around OTP

Growing up in Florida, riding a bike was easy because the land is flat. But OTP’s terrain is much different, and while it is fun to go down the hills… going up can be a challenge for this mom.

Blankets CreekWe know there is the Silver Comet Trail, but for some more fun on a dirt road, check out one of the easier family fun bike rides at Blankets Creek in Canton. The path you want is called Mosquito Bite. Of course, for more seasoned bikers and athletic children, they have a beginner, intermediate, and then the more advanced “way out of my league” trails.

SORBA Woodstock, Southern Off-road bicycle association, maintains Blankets Creek and the Allatoona Creek trails in Acworth, as well

as other trails in Woodstock and the Sandy Springs area.

You can also check out the trails at Old Rope Mill Park. They have beginner and intermediate level trails.

I have biked and walked the Mosquito Bite trail at Blankets Creek many times. It is full of shade, roaming deer, and right near Lake Allatoona. The Mosquito trail is shared between bikers, runners, and dog-walkers — the other trails have notices for bikers only. When you finish the trail, there is a section to practice some jumps and ride over logs. The kids love this! The best part of this adventure is that’s it is FREE! Just bring your water bottle, bug repellent, snacks and enjoy the ride. That’s the scoop!

Scoop Note: Singletracks rated Blankets Creek the #1 bike trail in GA for moutain bike trails in 2015.