Chuy’s in Kennesaw

Chuy's Kennesaw Scoop OTPChuy’s in Kennesaw opened several months ago, and we have been meaning to Scoop it, but just hadn’t had a chance until now — and we both LOVE Mexican food! So we were pretty excited to finally go. Chuy’s is a chain, but this is technically their first OTP location.

From the minute you walk in, you can tell that this restaurant is fun. It’s one of those places that your eyes are darting all over the place looking at the décor. There are multiple dining rooms with different themes ranging from the “Hubcap” room, to the portrait room, to the art gallery, to the Elvis Shrine.

Apparently, when the first Chuy’s opened in Texas, the owner had people bring anything from their homes to decorate the new eatery. Hubcaps and Elvis pictures were brought to that first location, and have stayed with the chain ever since. In fact, every year on Elvis’s birthday, they host a birthday party with cake and free entrées to customers who arrive dressed like the King.

Chuy's Scoop OTPChuy's Scoop OTP

We ask a lot of questions when we Scoop, so luckily our server was very happy to explain all of this history to us. She brought our chips, which were perfectly thin and crisp, salsa and a Chuy’s special ranch sauce to get started with. It was freezing out, so we had the tortilla soup too, which was fresh and delicious. (I’m currently trying to find a copycat recipe for it online.)

Another fun thing at Chuy’s is to watch the Tortilla Making Station. All of the tortillas are made fresh right before your eyes! You wouldn’t think it would be an obvious difference in the taste, but these tortillas were amazing. And, as usual, between the chips, salsa and tortillas, I ate too many.

Chuy's Scoop OTP

Our entrees arrived promptly, which is great for the lunchtime crowd. They were very good too, and a big enough portion to bring home leftovers for dinner. Being lunchtime, we didn’t get to try any of the margaritas, but we will make sure to go at dinner next time so that we can enjoy some, as they looked delicious too. Even on a cold day!

So if you haven’t been to a Chuy’s yet, you should try it. It’s very family friendly and lunch-hour friendly too. And tell them Scoop sent you.

Located at: 585 Earnest Barrett Parkway, Kennesaw, GA

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