Chubbies Pop Up Shop

Update: The long awaited CHUBBIES ATL @ The Battery Grand Opening! Friday, August 18, 2017 at 5pm.  There is a home weekend for the Braves too.

Anyone who says “Tom Selleck has a stellar mustache” get’s a free gift and any one who says that and also has a mustache (fake or real) will get a high five and a free gift.

Finally, some Scoop to excite my 17 year old son! A Chubbies pop up shop will be opening at The Battery Atlanta at Sun Trust Park.  If you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are self-described as ” the most radical shorts known to mankind.”  Their signature t-shirts include sayings like “Sky’s Out, Thighs Out” and “Welcome to the Weekend!” Thank you to Tomorrow’s News Today for the scoop.

An announcement about their  grand opening  was posted on their Facebook Page for July 28 from 5-9.  (Update: it was postponned due to the Fire Marshall, so keep checking back!) If you can’t wait that long, you can visit them at their Ponce City Market location, which has been opened since November. Be part of the Chubster Nation and grab your short-shorts at either location or online.

Additionaly, they have a ladies swim collection.

I love that their saying is “Hotter than the ’95 Braves!” Was that really over 20 years ago? Time for another Braves championship in their new home!

Scoop Tip: Two times a year, they offer freebies with purchase. If you follow them on social media or receive their emails, you will be notified.

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Coming Soon
900 Battery Ave SE
Suite 1010
Atlanta, GA 30339

Ponce City Market
N-216 (2nd Floor)
Atlanta, GA 30308

(404) 990-0640