Bring the Spring Indoors

Spring is beginning to bloom and so are the colors of spring and summer seasons. It is exciting to bring these cheerful shades into our home for the warmer months. Working with colors can be very simple if you follow a few trade rules similar to that of the pros.

Photo from Better Home & Gardens Centsational Style
Photo from Better Home & Garden Centsational Style

In the warmer months of spring and summer, light is more plentiful and very different in quality than in the colder months. Colors tend to look stark or have a gray undertone when the light is cooler. It is the opposite in the spring and summer; they appear more vibrant in the brighter light.

When adding summer shades to your home, it is important to be aware of what is currently in the room. Do you have strong colors like blues, blacks, reds, or yellows? Maybe your home is more muted in shades of beige, gold, brown, sage green or plum.

Look around the room that you are ready to introduce a taste of spring to; what do you see? Is it strong or muted colors? If your space leans more toward that stronger side, you can easily introduce white, red, turquoise, bright yellow, lime green, or marine blue. Use a color that would best flatter your current décor. What if your taste leans towards the more muted tones? Softer shades are a wonderful compliment to those colors. Try adding a touch of light coral, buttery yellow, aqua, lavender, or celadon. Again, it is important to be aware of your current surroundings.

Better Homes & Gardens Centsational Style
Better Homes & Gardens Centsational Style

Paint is not the only way to add a touch of color for the season; this year there are a wide variety of colors available in window treatments, pillows, accessories and accent pieces. Follow the color rules and invite different accent pieces into your space. Wonderful places to find items to add that seasonal touch are at outdoor flea markets and yard sales. This way you do not feel guilty when it comes time to put them away in the fall and winter months. Flea markets and garage sales are abundant in the warmer month and you can find some real deals.

The new colors that have made a big impact this season have been spring green, Tiffany blue, violet, and coral. Color will impact your mood and make impressions — if you feel good about your room, you will enjoy and use your space more. Remember to be aware of the rooms current color scheme and follow the simple color rules. Bring the spring indoors!

This article was originally written in Spring 2104 so some of the popular colors for this year may be different.

Shelley Herod is the owner and designer for Designing Women, LLC from Woodstock, Georgia. She has been a local designer for the past 20 years. She graduated from Butler University  with a degree in merchandising and design. Shelley is a certified home stager and recently was selected by Executive Who’s Who. She is the veteran interior designer to the Junior Service League of Woodstock Christmas Home Tour, where she has been active for the past 10 years. She also works with wedding and special event venues as design coordinator to make dreams become reality. Designing Women is an active member of the The Atlanta Bridal Connection. Shelley can be reached at (770) 235-5640 or on her Facebook page: Designing Women.