Berry College named beautiful college in the world!

If you haven’t been to Mount Berry, GA, you  may want to take a trip to see the most beautiful college in the world! If you have been to Berry College, than this award is no surprise.

Berry College, a liberal arts college,  is located next to Rome on U.S. 27 in northwest Georgia, 72 miles northwest of Atlanta andBerry College 75 miles south of Chattanooga and was just selected by BuzzFeed readers as the most beautiful college in the world! Berry has the world’s largest contiguous college campus, spanning more than 27,000 acres of woodlands, meadows and streams.

You may remember catching glimpses of Berry College in the 2000 film, Remember the Titans.  Berry College is alos home to a family of  Bald Eagles, which fans have been able to watch on their “Eagle Cam”.

The United States had 16 of the 25 winners listed. South Carolina had the distinct privilege as the only state to have 2 campuses listed.  This campus is worth the drive to take in its beauty!

Berry College